I’m New

We are really pleased that you are planning a visit to our church.  We are a diverse community all on a journey of faith.  Wherever you are in your journey, we hope that you will become part of our church family and worship regularly with us.  You are welcome here regardless of your religious background, age, race, colour, sexual orientation or status.

You may have many questions, so here are a few things that we hope will make your visit easier.


What happens on Sunday?

Our Sunday worship service is at 9 am

The 9:00am service is a traditional serviceIt is a popular hour of worship with sound Biblical teaching and a mix of modern and time-honoured hymns to wonderful organ accompaniment. After the service, there is an opportunity to have a cup of tea or coffee and meet other members of our church family.

For more details go to our Service Times page.

Visitors are always welcome!

When should I arrive?

We suggest that you arrive a few minutes early so that you can meet some members of our congregationIt also doesn’t matter if you come after the service has started. Find a seat and come and be part of the worship.

When you arrive, there will be someone to greet and welcome you at the door. There is a “Welcome” pack available which contains a range of information concerning the church and its activities. Please ask for one, if it’s not offered.

Where do I sit?

There are no set places to sit in! You may sit wherever you feel comfortable. If you have young children, you may feel more comfortable sitting at the back. There is a toy/play room where you can keep your little one happy.  This room has speakers and a viewing window so parents can hear and see what is happening in the service.  There are also special chairs on the edges of the aisles if you have mobility issues.

How do I dress?

There are no rules about how you should dress.  We are a multi-cultural church, so you will see people in formal clothes, others in jeans, shorts and sometimes in outfits from different parts of the world.  Please come dressed in what is comfortable for you.  Some form of footwear is normal. 

Where should I go?

Our Church is located on the corner of Ross River Road and Anne Street.  Link to location map

Where should I park?

Just drive a short way down Anne Street off Ross River Road and you will find parking spaces on the church property, just behind the Church building. The main church entry is from this car park.

What about my children?

Children are valued members of our church family and are welcome and encouraged to participate in our services.  However, if necessary, a separate room is available at the rear of the Church equipped with toys and games to help parents with restless children. This room has speakers and a viewing window so parents can hear and see what is happening in the service.

More details concerning our children’s ministries go to our ‘Kids’ page, and information on youth ministries is available on our ‘Youth’ page.

More Questions?  Please simply fill in the form below and let us help you.