Holy Week Services

Holy Week Service Times and Links

This week we invite you to join with us to remember the various events of the week in Jesus’ life that we call Holy Week. We travel from the triumphant entry into Jerusalem celebrated this Sunday (Palm Sunday) through his passion, betrayal and crucifixion, to the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Due to the restrictions in place around gatherings that now affect the way we can record and present our services, we will be using 3 different methods to bring you our services. The times, links and any instructions for these services are as follows:

PALM SUNDAY  (2 April) 9am    
Link:    https://aitkenvaleuc.online.church/

 (Have your Palm branches ready at home to join the celebration)

MAUNDY THURSDAY6 April) 6.30pm 
Link:  Click here to join a live video service

Go to the link and click the blue ‘Join call’ button.  If you have a video camera you can switch it on so that we will all see each other. But you can simply leave it off and watch/listen. This reflective service will focus on the events of Christ’s final supper with his disciples.

GOOD FRIDAY (7 April) 8am 
Link: https://aitkenvaleuc.online.church/
Link:  https://aitkenvaleuc.online.church/


Palm Crosses

For detailed Instruction on making a Palm Cross for Palm Sunday, check out the video below or download the following instruction sheet.

Palm Cross Instructions



Chris has died,

Christ is risen,

Christ will come again. Hallelujah!