Pastor Graham Huth 
commenced ministry in Aitkenvale in January 2018. With an administrative background, a love of music, and a passion for Christ and the Gospel, he has been working in church leadership in many varied forms for over 30 years. Graham easily embraces the traditions of the church, while also having a creative spark and passion for contemporary worship, and for building connections with the community around us. He is joinedin Aitkenvale by his wife Ann-Louise.

Contact: graham.huth@nullbigpond.com     Ph. 0427 495 329

Julie Adamson
Ian Dearness
Naomi Gardiner
Bill Radcliffe
Ian Savage

Church Council 
Chairman – Ian Savage
Treasurer – to be appointed
Secretary – Ron Store
Anne Laguna
Kate Mills
Naomi Gardiner
Bill Radcliffe
Ian Dearness
Don Adamson
Jayne Wharton
Neville Devete