Ethical Shopping – an act of faith

God has given us the privilege of doing some very important work for Him.  As His followers, we are a part of Christ’s body, meant to continue His work of reconciling a broken planet (2 Corinthians 5:18-20).  He has asked us to do good works, to bring justice, to love to those around us, and to help those who are suffering.  Characteristic of God, He has given us a whole lot of freedom to decide how to go about this role and there truly are limitless and creative ways to accomplish God’s hope for humanity.  What a task!  And sometimes in this huge and hurting world, that task can seem quite daunting.

There is one simple way however, that we all impact the far corners of the world every day.  From the privileged position that most of us have as consumers, we support businesses that shape communities with their far-reaching webs.  If viewed as an act of faith, choosing to buy your food, clothing, electronics and other household products from ethically run businesses could be a part of your ministry to this hurting world. 

Behindthe barcodeSome great organisations that have put together shopping guides to share information about how these business run themselves and influence the world around them. 

Ethical Fashion Guide     Ethical Electronic Guide    The Ethical Consumer Group

In this era of fast-paced everything, may your shopping be intentional, thoughtful and faith-filled.